Now with much more attractive conditions of participation

In the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern contest, stations outside District V were previously District V were only allowed to work with stations from District V. This has considerably limited the number of possible QSOs for these OMs restricted.

With the new conditions, everyone is allowed to work everyone else, the contest is much more fun for everyone. Of course the focus is still on QSOs with stations from District V.

These QSOs count for 3 points and multipliers are still the DOKs from District V as well as the different DXCC countries DXCC countries (except DL).

Also the submission of logs has been simplified and is now - as for many other many other contests of the DARC and other disctricts - via the DARC Contest Hub. This way you get immediate feedback and see that your log has been received. In addition, the evaluation is and the results are available more quickly.

So, have fun at the next MVP Contest! You are all cordially invited to take part. We look forward to seeing you!

Contest announcement

The DARC-District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has the honor to invite all radio amateurs to participate in the MVP-CONTEST.

Date: 3rd saturday of March every year
stations to work: stations from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MVP) all stations
all other stations all stations
Times / Modes / Frequencies: 13.00 - 15.00 UTC CW: 3510-3560 kHz
SSB: 3600-3650 kHz
15.00 - 16.30 UTC CW: 1810-1839 kHz
SSB: 1841-1890 kHz
16.30 - 17.30 UTC FM: 433,375-433,550 MHz
CW/SSB: 432,200 MHz *
17.30 - 18.30 UTC FM: 145.375-145,550 MHz except 145,500
CW/SSB: 144,200 MHz*
repeater operation not allowed - * orientation frequency
Categories: stations from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MVP) Class A: HF, CW
Class B: HF, SSB
additional participants Class G: Guests HF, UHF, MIXED MODE
Exchange: HF all DL-stations send RS(T) + ser. no. + DOK, e.g. 59(9) 003 V22

DL-stations without DOK send RS(T) + ser. no. + NM, e.g. 59(9) 005 NM

stations outside DL send RS(T) + ser. no.
UHF all send RS(T) + DOK + LOC, e.g. 59(9) V06 JO54WC

DL-stations without DOK send RS(T) + NM + LOC, e.g. 59(9) NM JO63SB
Multipliers: MVP-members : number of different DOKs + DXCC-countries worked (excl. DL) per band
Guests and SWL: number of MVP-DOKs worked per band
Points: Per QSO with stations of the district MVP 3 points
Per QSO with stations outside the MVP district 1 point
SWLs receive for each logged station of the district MVP with control number and callsign of the remote station 3 points
SWLs receive for each logged station outside the district MVP 1 point
Each station counts once per band and operating mode. QSOs between stations outside MVP are expressly permitted.
Scoring: Sum of QSO points times sum of multiplier points.
Log instructions: Electronic logs in Cabrillo format via log upload in the DARC-Contest-Hub. SWL send their log by e-mail to (with read confirmation activated in the e-mail program).

The file name should be created in the following format:
Participant-class_call sign e.g. A_DL3UB.cbr
please state MVP 202x and callsign in the subject line.

Paper logs can be sent to the contest manager as a LOG excerpt and with your own callsign.
Deadline: 31.03.202x (e-mail or postmark)
Contestmanager: OM Wolfgang Kunicke, DL4WK
Mühlenstraße 30
17098 Friedland
Software note: HAM MVP from ARCOMM, UCX-Log, DXLog, N1MM (UDC)
Awards: Contest certificates can be downloaded from the contest website.