Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Award

After a 16-year-old term of the MVP Award the Deutsche Amateur-Radio-Club e.V., District Mecklenburg-Vorpommernm, publishes this award from 1st January, 2011 in a new creation and to new rules to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs for QSOs after the 10/27/1990. All QSO confirmations of amateur radio stations from the DARC District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with V-DOK, with the VFDB-DOKs Z87 and Z89, with the S-DOKs "DVV", "MCM", "MVP", "SOP .", "YLV" as well as special MVP stations with S-DOKs are valid for this award.

The award is published in 4 steps:

DL and European Stations
HF bands only
DX stations on HF bands
stations on VHF bands
MVP Basic Award 25 points 10 points
MVP Award Step 1 50 points 20 points
MVP Award Step 2 75 points 25 points
MVP Award Step 3 100 points 30 points

Special registrations, e.g., for exclusively used bands and/or modes are possible. The MVP Awards are sent if requested electronically as a PDF file or on 210 g/m ² cardboard in print. With the step 3 the MVP Trophy (additional fee) can be apply.


MVP-Diplom Trophy

QSO evaluation
All bands and modes including repeater and satellites are allowed.
Every station with V-or Z-DOK counts once 1 point
Special stations with S-DOK count once 2 points

Certificate application
Applications for MVP awards are able to

are to sent to the manager. The manager can request for QSLs to a check.

Fees incl. post rate DL EU DX
MVP Basic Award 5,- € 7,- € 7,- €
MVP Award each step 3,- € 5,- € 5,- €
MVP Award Trophy 10,- € 15,- € 15,- €

Electronically MVP Awards are free of charge.

All necessary information of transferring the fee you receive after successful application position.


Georg Tretow, DL4SVA
PSF 1114
23931 Grevesmühlen